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Minzifa Boutique Hotel

Oriental elegance and home coziness         

Minzifa Boutique Hotel can rightly be called exclusive among a large number of private hotels in Bukhara. It is located in historic downtown in a residential area next to the madrasa "Eshoni Pier" of the 19 century and in close proximity to the ancient monuments of Bukhara.


The history of Minzifa Boutique Hotel dates back to 2001 when the construction of a two-storey building had begun almost from scratch. The hotel is built in an individual style. The building of the hotel and its interior in details recreate ancient oriental décor. We invited best craftsmen of Bukhara to implement construction work, outside finishing of the building and interior decoration. Some of involved masters of wood and ganch carving are belonged to the famous craftsmen dynasties of the country. The construction of the building had lasted approximately 1,5 years and it had taken more than 2 years to finish decoration work. The official opening of the hotel took place in August 2005.
The hotel entrance is noticeable by ancient wooden gates adorned by openwork carving. The gates of more than 150 years old harmoniously blend with narrow and quiet streets of the old city. The decoration of walls of the external courtyard - “tashkori” is implemented in rarely used today ancient technique - “kirma”. According to this old decorative method the ganch of two colors is used. Openwork convex pattern is carved from white ganch and on the background of grey ganch it makes a cross-cutting effect. Following the ancient tradition, the number of “kirma” patterns is odd. Decorative fixed transoms made from ganch and carved with ornamental pattern “pandjara” are built-in over all doors and windows. Sunlight coming through ganch-carved transoms creates fancy ornaments. However, in the past these transoms were used not only as decorative elements but had the function of ventilation as well. 
The tashkori-courtyard is decorated by big ancient jars, woven baskets, big ceramic plates and large vases with flowers. There are comfortable sofas and small tables called “khan-takhta”. In old times such small tables were made especially for rich and important persons. “Khan” – means “a ruler”, and “takhta” – “a table”. In summer time when it is very hot a big wooden topchan (couch) is put in the center of the courtyard. The topchan is covered by kurpachas (handmade thin down quilts). Here in early morning you may laze in gentle morning sun, listen to the sounds of waking-up city and enjoy a cup of coffee. And in the evening you may have a rest in setting sun and have a cup of freshening green tea. In the tashkori-courtyard you may find the office of the hotel administration and a small but cozy restaurant. 
There is also a small inner courtyard called “ichkari”. In ancient times the inner courtyard was intended for the home’s female quarters. It is decorated with mats and big ceramic plates. The ichkari-courtyard and its rooms were constructed later in 2010.