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18 February 2019
On Balloons Along The Great Silk Road

The International Aeronautics Festival “On balloons along the Great Silk Road” will be held from 15 to 30 April, 2019 in six cities of Uzbekistan. Aeronaut sportsmen from Switzerland, France and Germany will come to Uzbekistan to take part in the event.


04 February 2019
Month Itinerary For Uzbekistan From The Guardian

The Guardian has published an itinerary of interesting and budget trip to Uzbekistan, which will allow to see the whole country for a month. Its author, Caroline Eden is a writer and journalist contributing to the travel, food and arts pages of The Guardian, The Times Literary Supplement, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times.


18 January 2019
From Bukhara to Khiva by train

Great news! On 15 January 2019 Uzbekistan Railways national company has launched a passenger train on a new route of Bukhara-Khiva-Bukhara.


07 November 2018
Naqshbandiya festival in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is hosting Naqshbandiya tourist festival on November 7-12, 2018 organized with the assistance of the Malaysian World Sufi Center. More than 150 followers of the Naqshbandi Sufi Tariqat, including more than 10 prominent ulamas from around the world have come to attend the event.


05 November 2018
Carpet weaving museum

Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party proposed to create a carpet weaving museum where samples of carpet weaving schools of Khiva, Bukhara, Andijan, Urgut, Nurabad, Karshi and other regions of our country will be presented.