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Room 1 - Bukhara Room

The Bukhara Room is a double room on the first floor has access to the outside courtyard. Door, shutters, ceiling and beams are made of wood and carved in "baghdadi" style. The walls of the rooms are painted in ganch "kyrma" technique in gray and white colours. Crown cornices are decorated with stalactites "sharafa" - a unique decor element made as per ancient production technology of the 15th century.

Central arch of the room is adorned by beautiful open-worked pattern "pandjara" made from ganch. Bukharian masters of ganch - “ganchkory” always stood out for using luxuriant ornamental motif on a smooth background, which is especially characteristic of carved ganch of the late 19-20th centuries. Beneath the mirror arch there is a small niche with a peculiar chest. Floral motif dominates in painting and carving decorations.

On each side of the carved arches there are two built-in niches with figured cells"tokchabandi" of burgundy colour; in ancient times such cells were used as storage space for dishes. Edging of arches, niches, panels and walls are framed by "zandzhira" - a narrow frame covered by floral ornament. Bright colors and rich fiinishing make the room extremely colorful and attractive.

There are tables and chairs in the style of the early 20th century and 2 large wooden handmade beds with comfortable orthopedic mattresses; blankets made from national Uzbek cotton fabric "adras".