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Room 2 - White Room

It is not a coincidence that this room is called “White Room”. Its white walls with ganch carving and white ceiling stalactites resemble the interior decoration of the famous "White Room" of Sitorai-Mohi Hosa palace that was belonged to the Emir of Bukhara.

In the interior decoration modern craftsmen used the same techniques as ancient masters did while finishing the palace. The most amazing technique employed to decorate the room is an openwork ganch carving on the mirror surface. This is a high-level technique and nowadays very few specialists may use it. Wooden ceiling and floor, door and window shutters, “pandjara” - built-in over the door decorative ganch transoms, - all of these are so typical for Bukhara interior décor of the late XIX - early XX centuries. Two white niches, a kind of built-in sideboards, are placed on the both sides of the central arch.

In the room there are two big wooden beds, a small table, chair, bench, rack and an antique rocking-chair. Handmade "suzani" (a type of embroidered and decorative) with floral ornaments adorns one of the room walls. Curtains and bedspreads are made of cotton fabric with national ornaments. The floor is covered by the large century-old Caucasian rug. A vintage two-hundred-year jar fixed over the door completes an unusually attractive interior of the White Room.