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Room 3 - Guest Room

The Guest Room is located on the second floor, with overlooking the residential area of old Bukhara. The room is decorated as traditional Uzbek guest room - living room, which is called "Mehmonhona”.

When we designed the interior of the room, we took into account every tiny detail of mehmonhona’s decor. To do that we closely studied historical documents and drawings of old times preserved to nowadays. In the XIX century rich people of Bukhara paid special attention to the décor of their homes and used such decoration means as carving of wooden ceilings, ganch (a mix of gypsum) carving and painting of walls and niches. Floral ornament used to be the most favorite motives.

We invited best craftsmen of Bukhara to implement the intended design based on works of the great masters of the past. They perfectly decorated our mehmonhona with crafty carving of wooden ceiling beams called “bollor”, ganch carving and painting of niches and walls. The wooden shutters and doors of the room are masterly carved as well. The doors have beautiful carving on their both sides.

Walls of the room are decorated by coloured ganch in white and brown tones in “kyrma” style. Snow-white projecting cornices-stalactites called “sharafa” add graceful ease and particular charm to the room. Decorative fixed transoms made from ganch and carved with ornamental patterns are built-in over the door and windows.

The central arch of the room is white. Its top is decorated by stalactites and its bottom part is finished by a small chest – a niche. On the both sides of the central arch there are two built-in cupboards called “tokchabandi” with tracery made cells for dishes. Bright blue and brown floral ornaments frame walls, panels, arch, niches and cells.

The room is furnished by two wide wooden beds covered by bedspreads made from adras (national hand-made fabric), one table and chair, a big Turkmen carpet and Caucasian rug.