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Room 4 - Elegance

The Elegance Room is a single room. It is located on the second floor of our hotel. You will be charmed by the elegance of the room. There is nothing superfluous, pretty clear and very simple. The stylish simplicity of the room leaves no space for comments. Every detail of the finishing of the room creates a feeling of inner calm - wooden doors, windows, shutters, floor and ceiling. Wooden shutters of the windows are decorated by geometric patterns in the style of "baghdadi". Smooth shape of wooden ceiling beams - “bollor” marks a special grace of the room.

Walls and panels of the room are decorated by ganch in “kyrma” style. The white color of ganch carving makes the room more light and gives a feeling of spaciousness. In should be noted that the height of the room is 3,5 m. Beautiful edging frames the walls and panels.

The room has a wide bed covered by bedspread made from "adras” with “ombre” pattern in national style. Curtains are made of the same fabric.

In the room there are also a niche-closet, table and chair of the early 20th century, antique carpets on the floor.

Bathroom is finished by with white tiles; this complements the overall light ambiance of the room.