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Room 5 - Celestial Room

The Celestial Room is located near to inner courtyard called “ichkari”. In ancient times the inner courtyard was intended for the home’s female quarters. The first impression of this room is its heavenly transparency and ease. Such a feeling of unusual lightness and airiness is given by combination of white and blue colors. A turquoise color of curtains and bedspread looks attractive and appealing against the background white and blue colors of walls. The walls and panels are decorated in “kyrma” style. It is an ancient technique of two-color ganch carving. Niches and a white built-in-wall cupboard with small shaped cells, used for placing national dishes and figurines, are adorned by "zandzhira" – a distinctive edging of lilac color with floral pattern.

A small niche above the door is decorated by old copper jar - "oftoba". The jar is one of the bright examples of the works of old Bukhara craftsmen. To make an oftoba the master should own skills of engraver, caster, blacksmith, chaser, metal carver and tinker. Therefore, along with domestic application, copper and brass items were used as decoration elements and indicated the wealth and prosperity of the house owner.

The room is furnished by a spacious wooden handmade bed, small wooden table and chair of the late 19 th century. Antique handmade carpets complement the elegance of the room.

A modern bathroom decorated by sky-blue tiles and blue mats completes the overall look.