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Room 1 - Bukhara Room

The Bukhara Room is a double room on the first floor with access to the "tashkori" - courtyard. The room is styled by using different ancient techniques - "baghdadi","pandjara", "kyrma", "sharafa", "tokchabandi", "zandzhira".


Room 2 - White Room

The décor of the White Room repeats a lavish interior of the Sitorai-Mohi Hosa Palace that was belonged to the Emir of Bukhara. In interior decoration of this room modern craftsmen employed the same techniques as ancient masters did while finishing the Emir’s Palace. One of them is a unique openwork ganch carving on the mirror surface. This is a high-level technique and nowadays very few specialists may use it.


Room 3 - Guest Room

The Guest Room is located on the second floor, with overlooking the residential area of old Bukhara. The room is decorated as traditional Uzbek guest room - living room, which is called "Mehmonhona”. Before finishing the interior of the room, we have attentively studied historical documents and drawings of old times. We invited best craftsmen of Bukhara to implement the intended design based on works of the great masters of the past.


Room 4 - Elegance

The Elegance Room is a single bed room on the second floor of our hotel. You will be charmed by the elegance of the room. There is nothing superfluous, pretty clear and very simple. The stylish simplicity of the room leaves no space for comments. Every detail of the finishing of the room creates a feeling of inner calm.


Room 5 - Celestial Room

The Celestial Room is located near to inner courtyard called “ichkari”.  In ancient times the inner courtyard was intended for the home’s female quarters. The first impression of this room is its heavenly transparency and ease. Such a feeling of unusual lightness and airiness is given by combination of white and blue colors.