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Room 6 - Art Room

The Art Room is a double room located on the second floor of the Minzifa Hotel. An open staircase in stone with hand forged iron railing leads to this room from the courtyard. The décor of the room gently combines both ancient national and modern trends. The original shape of the room and white color of walls and ceiling gives it more light and space.


Room 7 - Antique Room

The Antique Room is located on the second floor of the hotel. The room differs fundamentally from other rooms. The walls and ceiling of the room are sky-blue.  Wooden door and shutters of the windows are dressed by carved oriental pattern. The door and windows are crowned by “pandjara” - decorative fixed transoms made from ganch and carved with ornamental pattern. Sunlight coming through the carved transoms creates fancy ornaments on the floor and furniture, giving the room the air of mystery.


Room 8 - Openwork Room

The Openwork Room is a twin room. You can get to the room from a small and cozy patio – “ichkari”. The room was built in 2010. However, it is not distracting from the overall style of the hotel. The décor of the Openwork Room reflects one the main principles of Uzbek craftsmen that is to preserve a pristine beauty of wood. The genuine master will first identify the features of texture and color of wood and only then will start processing it. The master will never destroy natural attractiveness of wood.


Room 9 - Carved Room

The Carved Room is a twin room. It is located on the first floor and facing a small patiio - “ichkari”. The name of the room reflects its interior design. The carving adorns almost all elements of the room’s interior. All carving is made as per old archived drawings. Patterns created by old craftsmen centuries ago have new lease of life being employed in decoration of this room.


Room 10 - Wooden Room

The Wooden Room is a Twin / Double room. It is located on the second floor of the hotel. The room is facing a cozy patio – “ichkari”. The interior of the room shows the beauty, solidity and functionality of wood as decoration material. Natural light color of wooden door and window shutters, wooden ceiling and wooden floor give a sense of grater space and bright.